A Technology Company providing information on imported Tokunbo cars out of the USA and Europe for the potential Nigerian buyers and sellers.

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide users with the most trusted vehicle history reports (VHRs) in the automobile space to help guarantee an informed decision when researching for cars to buy.

No used car should be purchased without checking data availability. Never buy a used car without checking its history reports.

More than 50% of all used cars imported from the USA to other parts of the world have a negative history. For a fact, over 75% of "Tokunbo" cars imported into Nigeria have a negative history. These cars were either ‘Accidented’, ‘Flood damaged’, ‘Salvaged’, ‘Stolen’, or used as ‘Taxis’. A large proportion of them have been discovered to have mileage inconsistencies.

Before you pay for that next "Tokunbo" car, shine your eye and MotoChekit… you might just be buying a car with a negative history