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accident history

Reveals Accident Information: Accident Data, Damage Severity (Severe/Minor), Damage Location/Point of Impact, Records of Damage Repair, Structural Damage, Airbag Deployment or Total Loss.


Tracks Ownership: Multiple Previous Owners, States/Province Owned in, Length of Ownership, Last Reported Mileage, Estimated Miles Driven per Year, Odometer Rollback, Flood Damage or Salvage Title


Tracks Service Activities: Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, Open Recalls, Brake Rotor Replacement, Transmission Replacement and Safety Inspections.


Reveals Usage Types: Personal Vehicle, Rental Vehicle, Leased Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Used as a Taxi or Used as a Police Vehicle.

Our Report

Checks for

  • Accident History
  • Damage Repairs
  • Ownership History
  • Stolen Vehicles
  • Odometer Inconsistency
  • Service History
  • Vehicle Usage Type
  • Salvage Titles

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is VIN?

    Vehicle Identification Number commonly referred to as VIN is a 17-Character (consisting of alphanumeric) that uniquely identifies every vehicle. This means that no two vehicles have the same VIN. The vehicle attributes such as manufacturer, model year (for US cars) etc are encoded in the VIN. It is also called the chassis number or frame number.

    The VIN is located on a sticker on the driver’s side jam. It is also located on the driver’s dashboard, viewable through the windshield. You can also find the VIN under the hood in from of the engine block.

  • Your wallet balance is the number of unused report you have. Whenever you purchase multiple reports package, that number of reports is credited to your wallet and it is depleted as you request for Vehicle History Reports (VHR) on the portal.

    Anytime you are making request for a new VHR and you have a wallet balance greater than 0, the system automatically selects your wallet balance as a payment option. Consequently, the system ensures you always use up your wallet balance before making additional payment for reports.

  • All VHR reports fetched are available for viewing on the portal for 365days from the day of purchase. During this period, you are advised to either save it on your local system or print it for your future reference.

    If there is need for you to access a report after 365days of purchase, you will need to make payment for such a report again.

  • Every report package purchased has a validity period of not more than 30days. This means that you must use your report balance on or before this said validity date. You will not be able to use such report balance after the validity date. You can always check under “Transactions” to see the validity period of your report package.

  • MotoChekit is currently providing access to two of the most trusted vehicle history reports in the industry i.e. Carfax and AutoCheck reports.